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What We Do

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Sitting by Campfire
Mechanic in Garage

Awards and Scholarships

We focus on giving scholarships to qualified applicants who are in their 2nd year of community college and require additional course items such as stethoscopes, welding
supplies, automotive tools, etc. 

Bootstrap Outdoor Adventure Camp

These are day or weekend over night camps focused on outdoor survival and adventure for youth and young adults. Classes focus on camp setup, shelter building, fire starting, camp cooking, and knots. Our program also includes team building activities, recreation, and hiking.

Career Counseling

We utilize our Personality Assessment Certification (MBTI and Firo-B) to educate individuals on career paths that are most suitable for them based on assessment results. We also provide resume writing, career search, and other career-enhancing consultation.
Food Donation Volunteers
Day Care

Homeless Support (Teen/Young Adult)

We provide community outreach and resources to individuals identified as shelter-challenged. Additionally, we help to provide meals to this population through community support.

Motivational Speaker

We love to conduct speaking engagements and workshops focusing on individual or organizational leadership, communication, and team building. Contact us today to schedule a speaker for your community

Daycare Vouchers

This program focuses on providing "daycare" subsidies per 4-hour block to those individuals that are employed or seeking employment. Supporting those with families is a huge part of our overall mission.
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